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Who was who, where’s they go..

Birthday Greetings to Aunt Boot…


Happy Birthday Greetings to Natalie! Her birthday is Jan 10, We don’t know how old she is but not very…

Also is this the car some pair of pliers fell out of the sky and through the top? Probably some kind of story there!

Pics of Josephine Marcia

Got some pics of the baby from Jonathon and Melissa…



Born 5:51 pm 1/7/09
Weight 7 lbs 12 oz
Length 20″



What a cute kid!

News Alert.. New Baby

Jon and Melissa had their first child…. 1/7/09, Josephine Marcia….
more details to follow…

Car Safety… a look back


As a Saab Technician, I really get a feeling of being indestructable as I test drive new cars. The brakes are good… the belts hold you in and there are airbags all over the place. (At least 6 bags in the 9-3’s.) This is a false feeling as there are other things on the road that are killers, like semi-trucks.

But cars are a lot safer. My grandpa, Art Specht, got involved in a wreck in a Model-T Ford when he was younger. From what he says, a huge spike of plate glass cut up his face. There is a lot to be said for safety glass.

Seat belt are another thing. My first car, a 1952 Ford, had no belts, and when they started putting them in, I thought they were a nuisance. I only started using belts because I had a bad habit of driving absolutely as fast as I could go. I’m over all that now, however I wouldn’t think of crossing the street now without seat belts…

Then there are dual master cylinders. Up until 1968 or so cars had a single hydraulic circuit to feed all the brakes. This is fine till something happens, like a blown wheel cylinder or a failed seal in the master cylinder or a rusted out line. Then you have no brakes. (Well, you did have an emergency brake, but did you ever try to stop a car with one? Not to good.) I lost a Corvair like that, in order to stop I had to run into a building. (It was a Police station at that, but that’s another story)

Now cars have all these safety items, including stiffer cages. Not long ago a Saab Convertible rolled over a couple of times, and the roof didn’t collapse. And you could still open the doors. That would have never happened to a convertible made up to the seventies.

However, human nature being what it is, you would think this would lower the accident rate and whatever. Insurance companies used to give a discount to people whose cars had this safety equipment but they no longer do. They found out that people think they’re safe so they just drive faster…


Boo Bear ready for Christmas!

Boo Bear ready for Christmas!

Boo Bear ready for Christmas!

Ashley’s baby Caiden is getting ready for Christmas… only 3 weeks to go. He’s in our living room today, Kathy and I are babysitting while Ashley and Joey are working. 6 months and a few days old, and he’s trying to get up on his feet already! Stay tuned for more exciting developements…!


Grandpa almost got some new false teeth…

Back in the 60’s, Art Specht had some bought some ground in Missouri, specifically in the Ozark Mountains. Pa was a real rural guy. He grew up in some hard parts of Cincinnati (I think), but his heart was in the country. He liked growing his own food, and really liked organically growing things.

I remember when I was growing up, he kept getting a local newspaper from close to where the land he owned was. There were stories of the guy who had just shot a brown bear, and a picture of him standing next to his trophy. Lots of stories of encounters with rattlesnakes and the like. Pa loved that stuff.

I also remember his story of the country store. He said there was a big barrel in the corner filled with false teeth, twenty five cents each. You could root through that barrel till you found some that fit. He was all for it, till Ma found out that they were taken from people before they were buried.

Those Missourians were practical people!


Jim Pfeiffer… Warrior

Big Jim in Pearl Harbor 1944

America does not have a warrior class like some past civilizations (like Greece or Rome), but in the last 60 years every able bodied man (and lately woman) has had a good chance to be one.

The day after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Big Jim and his buddies went down to the Federal Building to join up. Out of 6 of them they took two. Jim was 4F, and they wouldn’t take him. He went back to work at Wright Aeronautical, where his job exempted him from service anyway. Not taking no for an answer, he joined the Seabees in ’43, when they weren’t so picky…

He ended up with a cushy job at Pearl Harbor, running a supply depot for other Seabee units in the South Pacific. Jim and his buddies would continually steal the same jeep from the army, and repaint it in Navy colors and numbers, in order to have something to drive the nurses around in. Of course, they would eventually get caught and have to give it back.

He never had to shoot at the Japs, or get shot at by them, and I think that is a good thing. There are always too many guys that have seen too much. His service in the war, along with the rest of his generation, changed the world.

To me, the thing is, he didn’t have to go…

Art Specht becomes an electrician!

Art Specht began his housebuilding career on 9 mile rd. east of Cincinnati. He had the usual woodworking skills that most guys had at the time, and did a pretty good job of building homes of the period. However his electrical skills had something to be desired.

< One day he was working on a house on 9 mile that he was building for my Aunt Betty and Uncle Cliff. He was finished framing the house and was waiting on the electrician to wire it. The guy hadn't showed up for a week. In frustration, Pa Specht started running extension cords through the walls..."this can't be this hard.." he muttered... Along came the electrical inspector who just happened to be driving down the road and he saw what Art was doing. He told my grandpa in no uncertain terms that he was going to kill somebody.. but being a nice guy, he gave Pa a list of materials to get, and drew a diagram on the floor of the house on how to wire it. He said he would inspect it when he was done and he passed it. Art wired all his own houses since then and they're all still standing! greg

Mary Jane Brickweg, 8/16/27 – 9/2/08

Went to Aunt Janie’s funeral today in St Clements Church, in St Bernard. Janie’s the girl in the foreground in picture of my dad’s wedding. What a babe! She had a long life, enjoyed golfing, was married, but didn’t have any kids. However that didn’t stop her from doting on all of us when we were young. Susie (Morton) Walker gave a moving eulogy. She suffered from Parkinson’s for years. She will be missed.



Caiden Joseph Schraut was born at 12:30 pm on May 4th, 2008 to Ashley and Joey. He only took 22 hours to come out, but out he came… 6 lbs 9oz, and 20″ long.

Check out Caidens Pics in the Gallery!

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