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Birthday Greetings to Aunt Boot…


Happy Birthday Greetings to Natalie! Her birthday is Jan 10, We don’t know how old she is but not very…

Also is this the car some pair of pliers fell out of the sky and through the top? Probably some kind of story there!

News Alert.. New Baby

Jon and Melissa had their first child…. 1/7/09, Josephine Marcia….
more details to follow…

2nd Wedding Anniversary

1.jpgBill and Tammy celebrate their 2nd wedding anniversary on 23 April, 2007.

Hopefully, we are in our new home by then….

The new educational paradigm

Just when you think you’ll never be able to afford a college education, along comes MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and turns all that on it’s head. Mit and it’s Open Courseware project aims to get all it’s courses, including video and audio of lectures, on the web by 2008, and of course, free! I sat thru an electronics lecture last saturday, and it was an eye opening experience.

Sadly this is not a degree program, and you don’t have access to faculty, but what you do have access to is knowledge. This takes libraries to a whole new level. They have a mission statement to the effect that they want to share their knowledge with the world… Just sharing it with me is ok!, but I guess we should include the rest of the world also.

Check it out at:

Not only that, but several other institutions are following suit with their own versions of this very same thing… Ck out Berkeley at: or even on Itunes at:

Well, gotta catch up on my Byzantine history… Greg

Test post

Test post

1st Annual Rademacher Christmas Party

Yes, there will be alchohol, maybe even food.

105 Blueball Road
Rineyville, Ky

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